Workshop: Architecture vs. the Internet of Things

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May 7, Saturday, 10 architects and 10 coders will converge with the explicit goal to bridge the presumed gap between the Architect and the Coder. This workshop will be hosted by Archis/Volume in collaboration with VURB. The Internet of Things (IoT) workshop is to function as a preliminary exploration of how, why, where and to what end architects and coders could converse and collaboratively mold this new landscape. To put it bluntly, architects are not knowledgeable on the developments and the potential the IoT holds, IoT specialists lack specific spatial expertise, and the IoT has spatial and programmatic consequences. We believe the confrontation, exchange and merging of these two earlier mentioned fields of operation will result in a new ‘discipline’: environment design. The workshop will test these assumptions through discussing what is needed for this new discipline to emerge. The grand ambition is to propose and develop one or more ‘products’ to illustrate this new discipline’s potential.

The Program:

10.00 — 11.00: Introduction to the Workshop: Goal of the workshop, the coming issue V28: The Internet of Things and introducing the participants

11.00 — 12.00: Initial brainstorming session: An expression of how these two fields might merge, and benefit from each other’s expertise. Divide into groups

12.00 — 12.30: a quick break

12.45 — 13.00: Commence work

15.30 — 16.30: Conclusion: Presentation of proposals and projects Wrap-up and final discussion

The pre-prescribed goal of this workshop is to create a platform for the crosspollination of two seemingly divided groups with a variance of expertise. In addition, this workshop will be manifested within the pages of the V28 as an article. Architects and coders that would like to get involved please send an e-mail to us to see if there is still space available.

Date: May 7th 2011, 10.00 – 16.30

Location: Archis, Tolhuisweg 1, 1031 CL Amsterdam