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WeOwnTheCity is an exhibition and symposium being held in Hong Kong by The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with Amsterdam-based CITIES and ARCAM. WeOwnTheCity will showcase examples of community planning from both Amsterdam and Hong Kong, investigating emergent urban development and community planning initiatives in both cities.


In the spirit of autonomy and self-determination, the WeOwnTheCity symposium on March 7th is open to the public: those who truly “own the city” by negotiating and interacting with it on a daily basis. The symposium anticipates positive and energetic discussions, debates and workshops that will facilitate the exchange of ideas between government officials, professionals and the general public on community planning and urbanism.

Sessions and panel discussions will explore topics such as “Community Planning in Shaping the City” and “Vision & Implementation in Community Practice” will feature speakers offering both a Hong Kong and Amsterdam perspective. Speakers include Caroline Bos, co-founder of the Amsterdam-Shanghai-Hong Kong based UNStudio, Ada Fung of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Michael Ma, the Director of Planning & Design and the Urban Renewal Authority of Hong Kong.

The event is supported by the Development Bureau, HKSAR, the Dutch Consulate General, professional institutions such as the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Hong Kong Institute of Planners. The symposium and exhibition are free and open to the public. Please register if you wish to attend the March 7th symposium.