Volume #27 on Aging Launches at the Milan Design Fair

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Thursday April 14, 9:30-11:00 am. Studio Zeta Milano, Via Friuli 26, Milan, Italy, free entrance (first served). With Gijs Bakker, Scott Burnham, Alfredo Meda and Lilet Breddels.

With the Western world heading towards a life expectancy of 100 years, and the rest of the world soon to follow, the question is: with the realm of architectural invention on the issue ready for the taking, are you ready to face getting old? And are you ready to talk about it over breakfast?

Volume 27 launches its issue on aging during breakfast at the Milan Design Fair. This issue of Volume explores the question of aging through current architectural typologies and institutional approaches over vast territory – from the nuclear industry that builds until One Billon AD to the top-down and bottom-up growth of New York, Tehran, Berlin and Newcastle – and is a necessary compendium for those who wish to design into the future by understanding the immediate challenges of today.

Included in the issue is a 40-page insert on trust, design and aging, presented by both Archis and Premsela. Over breakfast, Gijs Bakker, Scott Burnham, Alfredo Meda and Lilet Breddels will be on hand to discuss the importance of designing trust throughout the ages. They ask: after the breakdown of trust in the functioning of society, can design win back the public’s confidence?

This event is hosted by Archis, Premsela: the Dutch Institute for Design and Fashion, and Design Academy Eindhoven.