Think Space Launches New Series of Architectural Competitions

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After two successful cycles, the Zagreb Society of Architects sets the stage for the third edition of international series of concept-based architectural competitions entitled Think Space.

Think Space

Featuring a number of established architects and curators, the program continues to re-think space in the 2013/2014 season. The new theme of Think Space, MONEY [The Echo of Nothing], was devised by architects, publishers and bloggers Ethel Baraona Pohl and César Reyes Nájera of dpr-barcelona.

Think Space

Throughout the new season of competitions and papers, Think Space will be looking for pioneering works at the intersection of architecture, sociology, economics, programming and marketing that radically challenge the fundamental spatial, social and urban relation based on capitalism. The competitions and Call for Papers will focus on (1) Territories, (2) Environment and (3) Culture & Society through MONEY lenses, as observed by architects and other visual artists and professionals. Jurors of the competitions are David Garcia (Territories), Keller Easterling (Environment) and Pedro Gadanho (Culture & Society).

Think Space

Open for Submissions: Territories

The first competition of the cycle, currently open for submissions, is Territories. David Garcia of MAP Architects invites participants to send in proposals that tackle the present economic and territorial challenges in the present and future of the Arctic lands. Click here if you’re interested in participating! Deadline is 15 November.

Think Space is a platform for spatial experimentation and exchange of conceptual ideas. Each cycle is constituted by a number of competitions and a call for papers under the annual theme determined by a guest curator. Each competition brief is formulated by a juror who is proposed by the guest curator and the organizing committee. At the end of the cycle an Unconference is held in Zagreb under the annual theme along with an exhibition and award ceremony. The Think Space program aims to bring together world renown and established figures with emerging voices (students and professionals) within the fields of architecture, landscape, design, the arts and the humanities.