The Internet of Things Workshop II: Builders at Play

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Archis/Volume and VURB present the Internet of Things Workshop II: Builders at Play. September 2-4, Waag Society, Amsterdam.

Calling on architects, coders, urban geographers, sociologists, and urban explorers interested in bettering the city through digital means. Following the May 7th Internet of Things Workshop at the Staalvilla, Archis/Volume, VURB, Caro van Dijk and Alexander Zeh will organize the second iteration with the explicit goal of creating prototypes observably eliminating the division of virtual/real. Join us for a three-day hands-on workshop where we will create viable and functional prototypes for the city.

The results of this workshop will then be presented at PICNIC 2011, which will take place between September 14-16 at the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam with the theme of Urban Futures. The three-day festival will explore globalization and its impact on our cities, our society and our lives.

Click here to download a PDF with more information regarding the workshop, and/or contact Vincent Schipper (vs@archis.org) to subscribe or to learn more!