The Cycle of Japan Lecture Series

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The Cycle of Japan is a new lecture series at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, that focuses on what the Netherlands can learn from Japanese urban practice. Edwin Gardner will kick off the series with a talk on 14 February.

The Cycle of Japan

In the last decades development in the Netherlands is often equated to a linear process of more buildings, more cities and more square meters per person. With the recent economic crisis, this expansion mechanism has come to an abrupt halt. Due to the economic crisis of the 90s and an aging population Japan has long been engaged in a cyclical construction where growth and shrinkage are not opposites and where progress is sought in change, metamorphosis and and small amount of available space for housing. The central question in this Capita Selecta lecture series is: what can we learn from the Japanese condition in the Netherlands?

Capita Selecta is a series of lectures, organized by the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, that deals with thematic, topical subjects in the field of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture. The lectures are open to the public and take place at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. All lectures are in English and start at 20:00. Admission is free.