Storytelling Festival

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Friday 4 November, 2011, 7:30 pm, at the Baanderij, NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam. Free entrance, reservations not required. Click here for more information.

Between 4 and 6 November, 2011, Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf will be the stage for the Storytelling Festival. The great stories about this remarkable place and its transformation from a shipping wharf into a creative and sustainable breeding place will have a prominent place in the program of the festival. Friday 4 November we’ll dive into the past, present and future of this impressive place in North Amsterdam with a free program full of NDSM stories.

Storytelling Festival

The festival begins in the Baanderij building with stories about the wharf’s past. Then we’ll move to the ruins of the Smederij for present stories. The night ends at the HyperMUD, where the future will be built. Everthing comes together around this futuristic loam house. With data, stories, bales of straw, fire, mud and warm chocolate. To preserve the stories for the future we’ll introduce Prototag, a new system that is developed by the TU Delft. Prototag enables anyone to directly link digital information to physical objects.