Reading (the) City

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Tomorrow our Director Lilet Breddels will take part in a panel discussion during the Reading the City program at the 2013 Vilnius Book Festival.

Reading (the) City

The Reading (the) City events during the Vilnius book festival seek to bring forward culture of speaking about the city spaces in Lithuania and introduce interesting practices of foreign magazines. What are the topics and means to discuss the city publicly? How should the dialogue between the inhabitants and the builders would look like? What is the role of architecture in all this?

Four conversation events will take place during the festival. The second conversation, on Saturday 14 September at 8 PM, will involve Archis/Volume Director Lilet Breddels and Archpoto editor Emanuele Piccardo. It will give an overview about the changing landscape of architectural press around the world. Participants of the event will talk about new forms, scales, editing and distributing models, increasing multidisciplinarity and future potential of architectural magazines. The discussion will be in English.

During the festival reading room will be set for visitors to browse and read architectural magazines from around the world, recommended by its speakers.