Re-Cognitions at the Centre for Research Architecture

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The Centre for Research Architecture in London sets the stage for Re-Cognitions, a MA Research Architecture end-of-the-year exhibition that features the work of Yasmine Abboud, Olympia Anesti, Nick Axel, Jacob Burns, Jesse Connuck, Rodrigo Delso Gutierrez, Yi-Hui Lin, Frank Mandell, Basima Sisemore, and Alan Yates. Opening is today at 6 PM.

'Hi Flows Sensor', Whalley Abbey, © NERC

‘Hi Flows Sensor’, Whalley Abbey, © NERC

The event of recognition in many ways is an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of a particular legal entity. A the exhibition shifting axes of identity in facial recognition technology and Syrian militia defections will be revealed and time variables are used to turn the infrastructure of urban environments over to its inhabitants. As a precondition, recognition is also detection, identification. Lastly, the “re-” of recognition points to an act of translation by which things are thought differently.

By recognizing we present Beirut’s contested history through the city’s structural rolling blackouts and explore Thessaloniki’s social and architectural interface with the Roma. Themes like the industrial deregulation in the United States and the relation between the home and war will be elaborated. We will meditate on the effectivity of violence and the digital mediation of “terrorism” and challenge the legitimacy of civil engineering metrics as a perceptive device.

Visual representation of the algorithmic recognition of a face

Visual representation of the algorithmic recognition of a face

From framing in-vitro fertilization as a Palestinian movement of political resistance to rendering the distinction between life and the circus unrecognizable… This exhibition starts from these premises of recognition to unearth some of the conflicting sets of circumstances, decisions, controls and landscapes of the world we live in. The work presented seeks not to examine a common sense of spatial and political destabilization, but rather to initiate an engagement and re-evaluation, a recognition and re-cognition, with contemporary spatial politics.

U.S. military Meal, Ready to Eat menu no. 3, Beef Ravioli

U.S. military Meal, Ready to Eat menu no. 3, Beef Ravioli

The exhibition will be on show until 25 June. Click here for the Facebook event page.