New Generations: Young Architects in Times of Crisis

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The New Generations Festival, which will be held in Milan on 28, 29 and 30 November 2013 with the patronage of the Chamber of Architects of Milan, the Municipality of Milan, the Politecnico of Milan, the Embassy and General Consolate of the Netherlands and the Embassy of Spain in Italy, will be the peak of a research conducted by Itinerant Office, aimed to analyze the impact of the crisis on the activity of young architects in Europe to build a network based on collaboration and cultural exchange.

New Generations Festival

The crisis is meant as a major cause of the trend’s acceleration, which led to a radical revision of the approach to the architect’s profession and to a rethinking of his role within the society. The project, born around the video-interview format, has given life to a network based on collaboration and cultural exchange among more than 40 under 36 offices based in Italy, Spain and The Netherlands, who will be soon joined by more architects from Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.

During the three-days festival in Milan, the invited offices will develop these issues through few initiatives spread around the city of Milan. The program will be based on three main workshops, 20 minutes lectures and shared lectures, two Pecha Kucha nights and an exhibition. Click here for the festival’s program.