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Launch: Volume #51 Augmented Technology in Berlin

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As recent technological advancement became more pervasive and sophisticated, design takes on a new relevance, in organizing and managing spaces, individuals, relations and ultimately societies. But if this is clear, several questions have to be answered: Who is driving it? Does spatial design currently have a say in this, and if not, how can it participate and intervene?

Books People Places and Archis/Volume invite you to join the conversation during the launch event of V51 Augmented Technology on January 30th at Theater O-TonArt in Berlin.

The centerpiece of the night is the panel discussion between Fiona Shipwright, Stefan Heidenreich and Benjamin Busch, moderated by Arjen Oosterman (editor-in-chief of Volume), that interrogates the complex relation between technology and architecture, both on the level of the individual practice and the societal one. These two scales are interrelated and connected to the role that design and the designer play in the making of the human world. But not only that, departing from the notion that society is only designed by humans, the discussion will also deal with the autonomous space that layers our reality, inhabited by IoT and algorithms.

The speakers will present three different angles from which to address this relation, further elaborating in the following discussion. Opening the night is a brief presentation of the new issue, its underpinnings and its aim by Leonardo Dellanoce (editor of Volume).

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This event relates to Volume #51, ‘Augmented Technology’.

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