Last Days of The Good Cause Exhibition

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Tomorrow, Sunday June 1st, will be your very last chance to visit The Good Cause exhibition at architecture institute Stroom in The Hague.

The Good Cause is the result of Architecture of Peace, a long-term research project by Archis into how architecture and design can contribute to a sustainable world peace. The exhibition, on show between March 9th and June 1st, addresses the military, political and cultural complexity of rebuilding operations. Can architecture actively contribute to this area of tension? The exhibition shows inspiring, hopeful examples of interventions by architects and city planners in post-conflict areas in South Africa, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestina, Rwanda, Kosovo and distills a number of ‘key factors for success’.

Photo courtesy Denis Guzzo

Photo courtesy Denis Guzzo

Closing Weekend

Tomorrow will be the last day to visit the exhibition. At 3 PM, architect Anne Feenstra and Ole Bouman, creative director of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen, will be organizing a personal tour of the exhibit as well as a public discussion about the role of the architect in post-war reconstruction areas. Entrance is free, reservations are not required.