Volume #10: Agitation!

March, 2007

Experience the wholesome effects of agitation in its political, physical and emotional dimensions. Meet agitators René Daalder, François Roche, Peter Cook, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Philippe Parreno, and Cesar Millan; check the realities of Beirut and Prishtina, visit informal Rio de Janeiro, be inspired by ‘Gum Pics architecture’, see the hidden persuaders in car design, discover the history of alternative architecture magazines, read…

Volume#10: Agitation!
160 pages
Binding: Soft-Cover
ISBN 978 90 77966 10 5
Price: € 17,50
Release: December 2006
Editor-in-chief: Ole Bouman
Contributing editors: Rem Koolhaas, Mark Wigley
Feature editor: Jeffrey Inaba
Editorial Consultants: Carlos Betancourth, Thomas Daniell, Markus Miessen, Kai Vöckler
Design: Irma Boom and Natasha Chandani
Publisher: Stichting Archis

Volume #10 includes contributions by Arthur van den Boogaard, Tony Chakar, Neil Denari, Sean Dockray, Kenneth Frampton, Madeline Gins and Arakawa, Spencer Graham, Jane Harrison and David Turnbull, Andrew Herscher, Laura Kurgan, Richard Massey, Reinhold Martin, Ben Nicholson, Paul Preissner, Kai Vöckler, Enrique Walker.
Spatial Information Design Lab (p48-51) with Eric Cadora, Laura Kurgan, David Reinfurt, Sarah Williams.
Alibi is produced with (p65-90) Paul Nakazawa, Erik Belknap, Eric Bono, Phillipe Braun, Christian Chaudhari, Eric Cheong, Keith Gendel, Richard Hollington, Guy Horton, Makoto Mizutani, Maya Utsunomiya, Kari Viste

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Taking the Country’s Side. Common trajectories in agriculture and architecture: Sébastien Marot interviewed by Christophe Catsaros

— by

Taking the Country’s Side is an exhibition exploring “the complex relationship between architecture and agriculture over the past 10,000 years.” Curator Stéphane Marot’s position may be comparable with the one Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley developed in their Istanbul Design Biennial for Are We Human? show, exploring 200,000 years of design. Design is not something new but deeply human and therefore present from day 1 of human’s presence on Earth. Christophe Catsaros sat with Sébastien Marot to discuss the contexts of this exhibition, the concerns and problems it shows and the message of hope it ends with.

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Worker of the worlds, unite! Using incentive design for scaling trust in vertical unions

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Currently, union membership is declining all across the OECD and in most other regions in the world while anti-union sentiment and legislation have become commonplace giving workers few, if any, means to collectively bargain with increasingly large and diffuse firms. At the same time, zero hour contract models and the platformization of labor have fragmented and deconstructed many of the labor protections that unions have made possible which has, in turn, destabilised the conditions for social solidarity that once made collective bargaining effective.

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