Foodprint NYC

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27 February 2010, Studio-X, New York City. 1 pm to 5:30 pm. (More information here.)

Foodprint NYC is the first in a series of international conversations about food and the city. From a cluster analysis of bodega inventories to the cultural impact of the ice-box, and from food deserts to peak phosphorus, panelists will examine the hidden corsetry that gives shape to urban foodscapes, and collaboratively speculate on how to feed New York in the future.

The free afternoon program will include designers, policy-makers, flavor scientists, culinary historians, food retailers, and others, for a wide-ranging discussion of New York’s food systems, past and present, as well as opportunities to transform our edible landscape through technology, architecture, legislation, and education.

Program Schedule:

In May 2009 the centre for architecture and arts in The Hague (Netherlands) started a manifestation about the same subject, which also called Foodprint. Check here the Dutch Foodprint program organized by Stroom.