Fit! Architecture and Health

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Program of six presentation, discussion and interview events on Architecture of Consequence at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, 25 October – 10 December, 2012. Thursday 15 November, 8 PM: ‘New Aging’, with Arjen Oosterman and others. Entrance €7.50 (students €3). Register here!

Fit! Architecture and Health

‘Fit! Architecture and Health’ is a series of lectures and debates asks whether architecture can continue to play a vital role in improving our health. Is architecture equipped to combat 21st-century diseases of affluence? Is architecture capable of providing environments that encourage physical activity? Can it facilitate an increasingly aging population to taken an active part in society? Could architecture even play a part in healing?

Thursday 15 November: New Aging

Modern society promised a decent life from cradle to grave for all. Financially and socially we cannot afford or want that kind of collective welfare arrangements any longer. But how to age gracefully? Preventing ageing may be an option in the long run. For the in between period, the question is: how can we maintain our individuality and live a meaningful life? What has to change in our cities, in our homes, in our mentality, and in our regulations? With presentations by researcher in social science Cretien van Campen (Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP), architect Caro van Dijk and architect and urbanist Deane Simpson (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture). The presentations will be followed by a discussion, moderated by Arjen Oosterman, editor-in-chief of Volume.