Curatorial Opportunities at the CCA

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Curatorial opportunities at the CCA

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is continuing, for the third year in row, its Young Curator Program, giving young curators an opportunity to conceive, research and put on an exhibition at the CCA. Applications are due April 15, 2013, and you can go here for more information.

For the lucky winner, it’s a chance to dig through the CCA’s vast archives, and work with the intellectual, design, and technical expertise available at the CCA.

This past Fall, the CCA debuted the work of its first Young Curator, Dan Handel, in a show called First the Forests which explored how the practice of forestry, while linked to architecture through the building industry, can itself be seen as a kind of design practice. I was fortunate enough to visit the show and write a review here, for the great Portal 9 blog.

The 2012 Young Curator, Carrie Smith, is currently preparing a show which traces the history of the interior through the use of houseplants in decoration and design. Carrie was also featured in Volume 33: Interiors, where she reviewed various lifestyle blog imagery and the use of houseplants.

Good luck to all applicants!