Wim Cuyvers

Archis 2002 #3

Sarajevo revisited

Posted on March 1, 2002 — by

Sarajevo has changed enormously since my last visit, with fewer and fewer SFOR soldiers in evidence around the city. The total number in Sarajevo has dwindled to three thousand units, according to SFOR spokesman Scott Lundy, adding, with his broadest grin, that ‘our countries’ are currently more interested in Afghanistan. The various NGOs have also […]

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Archis 2001 #3

When the blue of the sky falls on the roof

Posted on March 1, 2001 — by

It was entitled ‘Champ de Bataille’ and combined a cemetery with social housing. It was possibly too strictly and directly linked to Bataille’s Le bleu du ciel. That was the first book I had ever read by the French writer; I had found it in a Paris bookshop and devoured it in a transvestite bar […]

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Archis 2001 #2

Global PS

Posted on February 1, 2001 — by

One is presumed to notice that everything has changed. Indeed, Hanoi has acquired a crop of new high-rise buildings, a growing throng of mopeds buzzes its streets, and they are erecting something at the airport with an aspiring resemblance to the places I went through during the stopovers at Frankfurt and Kuala Lumpur.   Everything […]

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