Vivian Doumpa

Glowing Futuristic Roads to Be Installed in the Netherlands by Mid-2013

Posted on February 18, 2013 — by

The days when the ‘Internet of Things’ will no longer be a vision but a daily experience seem to be approaching faster and faster. In Volume’s issue #28, back in 2011, we have featured interviews, visions and envisions of how the IoT world would be like. The interaction between objects through their connection to the same information network allows the systematic programming and adaption of functions without the human interference.

Road of the future by Studio Roosegaarde

This concept has also been adopted in the field of transportations. European Commission, through a specific council and initiatives, has been funding a series of research programmes related to IoT. Some of those focus on the use of IoT in order to make European transportation systems more efficient and of course safer.

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Archis 2007 #4

Editorial: A profession apart

Posted on April 1, 2007 — by

by Arjen Oosterman The post-War period has witnessed astonishing transformations in architectonic production. A program concocted and hardly tested before the Second World War by a small circle was rolled out after the War across the Western world and all those parts of the world it influenced. Its suitability or success appeared to be more […]

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