Afnan Al Rubian


Ayesha Al Sager


Sally Khanafer

Article, Volume #6

Neither Desperate Nor Decadent

Posted on December 15, 2005 — by , and

Neither Desperate Nor Decadent is a reaction to Ole Bouman’s article Desperate Decadence in Volume #6. Bouman met Al Sager, Al Rubaian and Khanafer -three students from Kuwait- while travelling, and invited them to respond to his article.

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Archis 2005 #6

Neither Desperate nor Decadent

Posted on June 1, 2005 — by , and

We are more conscious of the process of events and patterns that resulted in the ‘Gulf city’ that ‘Desperate Decadence’ described. The ‘Dubai Effect’ was used as a metaphor to describe the different cities in the region. To us, the ‘Dubai Effect’ exists but not in the manner the article described it to be. The […]

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