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Archis 2005 #2

Architecture is Too Important to Leave to the Architects. A conversation with Giancarlo De Carlo

Posted on February 1, 2005 — by and

Giancarlo de Carlo has a long career as an architect and writer behind him. As an architect he has been self-taught, having mastered the profession during the war while at the same time being involved in the resistance. In those days he was an enthusiastic admirer of the masters of the modern movement. Later on, […]

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Archis 2001 #3

Dirty Details

Posted on March 1, 2001 — by

The civil practice of social democracy, especially the Dutch ‘polder model’, idolizes blissful, prosperous mediocrity. People preach a humanism that is neither able nor allowed to go beyond nurturing and domesticating. ‘The humanist gets hold of the person and subjects him to his taming, training, educating regime – convinced as he is of the necessary […]

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Archis 1997 #11

Voorbij het Fris Conservatisme. Tweede Moderniteit / Fresh Conservatism and beyond.

Posted on November 7, 1997 — by

Second modernity The superpresent as commitment. As the sociologists Lash and Urry explain in Economies of Sign and Space, the identity of space and place is undergoing radical change due to the pressure of a new sort of modernity. Social structures are in decline and are being replaced by a structure of flows, i.e., a […]

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