Mirko Zardini

Archis 2005 #2

A Few Centimeters of Asphalt

Posted on February 1, 2005 — by

Situated several hours north of Tokyo, the region of Echigo-Tsumari has always been a landscape primarily characterized by agriculture. Yet with the accelerating modernization of post-war Japan, the role of agriculture has steadily diminished, causing abandonment of vast swaths of land and the critical depopulation of many local communities. To counter this development, six municipalities […]

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Archis 1999 #7

Italia si, Italia no / Italia si, Italia no

Posted on July 7, 1999 — by and

1998-99. Several major competitions for projects in major Italian cities were staged and brought to a conclusion: Rome, with the project for the Centre for the Contemporary Arts, won by Zaha Hadid; Venice, the enlargement of the cemetery of San Michele, won by David Chipperfield; Venice, the new seat for the University College of Architecture, […]

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