Michel Levi

Archis 1998 #6

Een monument voor onze futiliteit. Het Stade de France in La Plaine St-Denis / A monument to our futility. The Stade de France in La Plaine St-Denis

Posted on June 7, 1998 — by

January 28th, 1998. The new ‘Stade de France’ passed the test of its opening football match with flying colours. Almost 80,000 faithful congregated at this event of public worship. But more than a success, it was a relief for the organizers, not because France won, nor because no hooligans made any trouble after the game, […]

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Archis 1997 #8

Architectuur is geen boek. Dominique Perrault: Bibliotheque de France / Architecture is not a book. Dominique Perrault: Bibliothèque de France

Posted on August 7, 1997 — by

The dispute that took place at the beginning of the library project is now over and a consensus emerged in the media at the time of the initial opening by François Mitterrand on 30 March 1995. Though the event was given broad coverage, architectural critics have remained silent and very little real criticism was made […]

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Archis 1993 #4, Article

Oscillatie tussen materie en concept: De architectuur van Patrick Berger (Oscillation between material and concept: The architecture of Patrick Berger)

Posted on April 1, 1993 — by

Indeed, Berger had built very little when, in 1988, he won the international competition for the park. His Parisian production was limited to a handful of discreet buildings, the kind of which are too  delicate to please the media or to fill the front page of an architectural magazine. Discreet also is the architect – […]

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