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Archis 2001 #4

With all due respect

Posted on April 1, 2001 — by

You might remember that Koolhaas discovered in his research on Manhattan a modern American architecture that, unlike its European counterpart needed no manifesto, no vanguard elite to be realized. Instead, the modern architecture that blossomed in Manhattan unfolded according to a complex logic far beyond the capacity of any vanguard to understand, let alone harness […]

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Archis 1997 #11

Een nieuwe ordening. Jonge Nederlandse architecten / It’s just fresh – a new urban approach. Young Dutch architects

Posted on November 7, 1997 — by

Whatever happened to urbanism? Following closely the movements of a reality the contours of which render the urban and urbanism almost indistinguishable, everything concerned with urban life has become urbanism, making way for a swarm of fugitive urbanisms-in-transit which have rushed to fill the void left by the professionals of the city. This new urban […]

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