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Publication ‘Whose Europe?’: The ‘New Europe’ and Controversy around the European Idea

Posted on February 28, 2020 — by

Who belongs to Europe? And when we say ‘Europe’, what exactly do we mean? Such questions are the subject of controversy all over Europe and beyond. The idea of Europe as a community and the European Union as a supranational and intergovernmental community of states have so far been, and still remain, important frames of reference. […]

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Whose Europe?

Posted on May 24, 2019 — by

The ‘New Europe’ and Controversy Around the European Idea – an international conference and workshop at the National Museum-Institute of Architecture after Alexander Tamanyan, Yerevan (March 30, 2019).

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The Empire Strikes Back?

Posted on December 7, 2016 — by

Kai Vöckler/Archis Interventions participates in a research project focusing on the material legacy of the former Soviet Union in the former soviet States in Eastern Europe.

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Article, Readers' Picks, Volume 10 Years

Volume #41 — Bart Lootsma — The Tyrolean House: Invented Tradition or Simulacrum?

Posted on October 27, 2015 — by


“Have you ever been in the Alps? To understand how a single house can stand for a nation, read Bart Lootsma’s article on the Tyrolean House. It looks vernacular, but in fact it is an invented tradition which dates back to 1900 – it simulates tradition, which works pretty well for tourism, and produces an interesting form of camouflage architecture.”

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Archis 2001 #4

City of experiences

Posted on April 1, 2001 — by , and

In this process, cities are increasingly changing from a community facility to an enterprise. Culture is becoming the key factor in the utility strategies of an economy of attention. Shopping malls, theme parks and urban entertainment centres mark a cultural trend that is accompanied by the disappearance of the boundaries that used to exist between […]

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