Jos Bosman

Archis 2001 #4

An apparent shift

Posted on April 1, 2001 — by

Language – the reading, interpretation and writing of texts – has been encouraged as a way to develop architectural projects since the second half of the 1970s. Bernard Tschumi wrote of this procedure: ‘The ability to translate narrative from one medium to another – to translate Don Juan into a play, an opera, a ballet, […]

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Archis 1993 #9

Pretentieuze foto’s: Manipulaties van het bekijken en zich herinneren van architectuur / Pretentious photographs: Manipulations of perceiving and reme

Posted on September 1, 1993 — by

Giedion wrote: `a picture (…) that abolished perspective and forced objects and proportions into the two-dimensional plane. It was hardly an interesting subject – concrete paving, a balustrade, a few chairs, a round table – but it was a totally new beginning. The camera had never been used in this way before.’1) In the meantime […]

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