Geert Bekaert

Archis 1995 #3

De eclips van de architectuur / The eclips of architecture

Posted on March 1, 1995 — by

By Geert Bekaert The last but one Archis contained several eyewitness accounts of the unmanageable problems facing Los Angeles, where architecture no longer has any role to play. And then there are the devastated cities  Beirut, Sarajevo, Grozny. But no one nowadays dares to talk in terms of ‘a blessing for the city’, as did […]

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Archis 1993 #3, Article

Architectuur in het nauw (Architecture forced into a corner)

Posted on March 1, 1993 — by

In the October 1992 issue of Archis Richard Plunz offered a glimpse of the new American ghettos with their torn-down blocks. Since the destruction of the `Cité des 4000′ in La Courneuve in 1986, blowing up tower blocks seems to have become a form of sport in France. In the Netherlands there has been the […]

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