Francesco Degl'Innocenti

Interview, Volume #53

Design by Persuasion – Interview with Floris Alkemade

Posted on October 18, 2018 — by

As the Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands Floris Alkemade is advising the cabinet on spatial quality, upon request or at his own initiative. He does so together with two other members of the Government Board of Advisors. Francesco Degl’Innocenti sat with him to discuss his ambitions in that role and the reach and limits of his arm. The conversation went from Mies to Mahler and from prisons to loneliness in the city.

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Volume #52

Yesterday? No plans

Posted on May 15, 2018 — by

In occasion of Volume #52 ‘The End of Informality’, Degl’Innocenti goes back to his MA years, when the students had the widespread ambition to intervene on informality,  but the process to achieve that was less straightforward than envisioned beforehand.

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