Eyal Weizman

Article, Summer Reading, Volume #16

Epistemological Attack!

Posted on August 30, 2016 — by

Epistemological Attack

“Can contemporary architectural research learn anything from the military principle of incitatory operations?” asked Eyal Weizman in Volume #16: Engineering Society. Today, almost a decade later, with military operations taking place in the five continents and radical groups increasingly gaining power, Weizman’s inquiry still feels relevant.

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Archis 2003 #6

Islands. The geography of extraterritoriality

Posted on June 1, 2003 — by and

Cut apart by linear borders, the state system – a territorially based juridical formation – appeared to dominate all forms of sovereignty over individuals and action. But various fault lines have now fractured this Euclidian political surface. Just as along the Norwegian coasts – fjords, islands and lakes break the coherent continuity of both water […]

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