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Cultures Melting into Natures: A Review of Ja Natuurlijk (Yes Naturally)

Posted on April 22, 2013 — by

Ja Natuurlijk

Ja Natuurlijk (Yes Naturally) is a collaborative art manifestation that is taking place at GEM, Fotomuseum and Gemeentemuseum in The Hague until August 18, 2013. Yes Naturally embraces the increasingly ambiguous space between our ideas of nature and society. The exhibit teases at this contemporary ambiguity, linking the diversity of works on display to two essential questions: What is natural? And who or what decides?

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Crisis Buster Grants in Lisbon Embraces Bottom-Up Architecture

Posted on April 10, 2013 — by

The Third Lisbon Architecture Triennale begins this September in the context of a crisis-filled and uncertain country. In response to this, a concurrent program of innovative small grants projects made a call for proposals last December. The aptly titled “Crisis Buster Grant” for architects has stimulated a wide variety of opportunities for civic engagement, unsolicited urban interventions, and bottom up solutions to crisis in the city of Lisbon.

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Hypnotizing GIFs of Beijing Commuters Give Insight into City’s Stories

Posted on March 13, 2013 — by

Beijing metro commuter

Filmmaker Kit Chung has created a series of fascinating and hypnotic GIFs that are intimate portraits of Beijing metro passengers.

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Posted on March 7, 2013 — by

WeOwnTheCity is an exhibition and symposium being held in Hong Kong by The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with Amsterdam-based CITIES and ARCAM. WeOwnTheCity will showcase examples of community planning from both Amsterdam and Hong Kong, investigating emergent urban development and community planning initiatives in both cities.


In the spirit of autonomy and self-determination, the WeOwnTheCity symposium on March 7th is open to the public: those who truly “own the city” by negotiating and interacting with it on a daily basis. The symposium anticipates positive and energetic discussions, debates and workshops that will facilitate the exchange of ideas between government officials, professionals and the general public on community planning and urbanism.

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A City of Continuously Regenerating Cells

Posted on February 19, 2013 — by

The Cycle of Japan is an ongoing lecture series at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam that is exploring what the Netherlands can learn from Japanese urban practice. Edwin Gardner kicked off the series with a talk on February 14th. His lecture was a deeply poetic and psychogeographic meditation on the nature of cyclical time in Tokyo, and its effect on the city’s built environment.


Edwin Gardner is a theorist, architect and cofounder of Monnik, a Dutch research collective. He was in Tokyo to put together Still City, an alternative guide to the city. There, he met and did workshops with various artists, designers, and other urban explorers during a mentally stimulating and physically exhausting two-month stay.

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Archis 1995 #4

Ik wil en lees ze allemaal! Over architectuurtijdschriften / I love and read them one and all. On architecture magazines

Posted on April 1, 1995 — by and

My interest in buildings is, after all, primarily a literary and not a constructional one. I’m not ashamed to admit that I came to know most of the buildings I love from books and magazines. This is true for the Egyptian pyramids, Aya Sophia in Istanbul, the Escorial in Madrid, the major part of Aalto’s […]

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