Bart Lootsma

Archis 1999 #11

Almere, stad van verlangen / Almere, city of longing

Posted on November 7, 1999 — by

Of course Almere was planned, and not all that long ago either. And yet somehow it seems to me that the key to understanding what Almere is today lies only  partially in those plans. In her excellent book about the planning concept for Lelystad and Almere, Petra Brouwer points out that it is impossible to […]

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Archis 1998 #11

De computer als camera en projector / The computer as camera and projector

Posted on November 7, 1998 — by

Within a relatively short space of time the computer has come to be an accepted feature of architecture, both in the design process and when it comes to the everyday operation of buildings and the city. Yet we are constantly aware that the consequences of the computer’s introduction into architecture will eventually be much more […]

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Archis 1998 #4

Opnieuw inbedden: tellen in Guangzhou / Re-embedding: Counting Guangzhou

Posted on April 7, 1998 — by

In his essay ‘Living in a Post-Traditional Society’, the British sociologist Anthony Giddens describes the effects of the rise of what he calls ‘abstract systems’.(1) These are institutional networks of specialists who found their decisions and authority on scientific facts and methods. These abstract systems penetrate all layers of society, at a global level as […]

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