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Agata Jaworska

Polish born, Canadian-raised and now Amsterdam based, Agata Jaworska (1979) is freelance content and project manager at design company Droog and co-founder of Institute of Relevant Studies with Giovanni Innella.

Article, Volume #35

Nature through the Windshield

Posted on April 17, 2013 — by and

For more than eight years artist Koert van Mensvoort has been working on a project to redefine our concept of nature. Through his platform Next Nature he has published books, held talks, ran workshops, maintained an active blog, and even developed a hoax, all in effort to communicate that there is no absolute nature, but that technology and nature are deeply intertwined; a biosynthetic nature so to speak. Can the development of a Gillette razor be considered in Darwinian terms of evolution? Is the fake nature of an indoor ski slope any less legitimate than the Alps? By fundamentally shifting the way we conceive nature, he believes we will be better able to cope with the oncoming climatic and environmental challenges ahead.

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