A Library 2.0

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Publics are globalizing, public spaces are fragmenting. Modern institutions of knowledge, e.g. the library, the archive and the museum, are morphed into multi-experiential post-spaces. As a result of digitalization and worldwide webbing, searching and finding gains a radical different spatial dimension. What about the transformation of the library as a building and an institution?

Volume’s editor in chief Arjen Oosterman speaks with three experts, Rob Bruijnzeels, Jo Coenen and Huub Smeets, on the future of the library. What are the scenarios for a library 2.0?

Rob Bruijnzeels is trained as librarian and he works as creative manager at the Association of Public Libraries in The Netherlands.

Jo Coenen is director of Jo Coenen & Co Architects. He is professor at TU Delft and from 2000 until 2004 he was Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands. He designed both the main public library in Amsterdam and Maastricht.

Huub Smeets is CEO of the Vesta group. He was director Urban Developments in Maastricht, in this function he was responsible for large scale projects such as Ceramique.

Friday 25 July 2008
20.00, drinks afterwards
Netherlands Architecture Institute Maastricht
Wiebengahal, Avenue Ceramique 226, Maastricht

Language: Dutch